Friday, June 29, 2012


The kids and I went to the movies today and saw Brave.  It was a very cute movie and we all enjoyed it.  Colin even went with us.  I got to thinking after the movie how when I was little there were only a few princesses.  Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were the only princesses then. 
Now there are 11 of them.  I just wonder how many there will be when Saige has kids.  Just something to ponder...  Why can't life be more like the happy fairy tales?  My life is very seldom perfect, chances are no rich prince is going to come along and save me, if I sang it sure wouldn't sound like that, and if I had done what some of these girls did I would have been grounded. 
 Looking at the below picture, Merida from Brave just looks different from the others and it wasn't a "typical" princess film.   Maybe that is what got me thinking.  
 And why don't we see these ladies like this ever?  I had to laugh when I saw this one.  It's the first one I had ever seen where they are all not standing with their beautiful dresses and flowing hair and smiling.  I think this group looks a lot more like true life   :) 


Shay said...

So funny and true!!

Grandma Carla said...

You are a princess. Your prince did come. You just got one that isn't quite as rich as others! Such a cute post!