Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Girl scouts

Saige has been in Girl Scouts this past year.  She has really enjoyed it and she has wonderful troop leaders.  Ms. Leah and Ms. Tammy are the best!!  Saige had a bridging ceremony this week.  She is going from Brownies to Juniors, still in the same troop.  She loves the girls that are in her troop also.  I love to watch them all, they are so polite and nice to eachother.  Troop 506 ROCKS!!  :) 
At the beginning of each meeting they do the pledge and the girl scout motto. 
Ms. Leah told each one of the girls what was special about them.  Saige's was that she is sweet.  She is always so kind to all the girls and makes sure that everyone is happy.  If someone wants the last pink poster, Saige would take the purple one.  I love that girl!
After the girls each got their balloons and were told what their special gift was, they let the balloons go, so they could share their gift with the world. 

 They don't have meetings until school starts again, but their troop is doing a "hydrating the homeless" project in July.  We are taking cases of water to the homeless shelter.  Saige is so excited about helping the homeless people. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The many faces of Jason

Jason applied for a job within his company and decided that it would probably be best to cut his hair.  We were really hoping that he would get this position, and while interviewing him, he was asked if he would be interested in interviewing for a higher position in Colorado.  I was so proud of him, but scared for myself and our family.  It turns out that he didn't get the one in Colorado (I was secretly cheering when he told me) and he was told that the position here would not let him grow like he wants within the company.   I know it will all work out, I just hope it's soon!  (and in Arizona) :)
Just a little bit of a different look.  He cleans up pretty good and makes a handsom Biker to Businessman  :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Daniel decided to make us some brownies.  He got out the brownie mix and the oil and proceeded to "make" the brownies.  He wanted to do it alone and so he got it all in the pan and says "Oh, I forgot to spray the pan."  I told him that the pan needed to be sprayed and so Colin went over to help him.  It was then we found out that he forgot to add the oil, water, and eggs.  He had dumped the box mix straight into the pan and patted it down so nice and was ready to bake it.  It was so cute!  When we were laughing hysterically giggling, he says "Oh, I forgot the bowl and the other stuff"  :)  That boy can be so cute sometimes and so rotten other times.  I didn't have time to grab the camera for this one, man - I need a better camera on my phone!
Here he is after he mixed them properly.  These are gonna be delicious :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cute Mother's Day "Flowers"

I made these this year for the moms of the ADORABLE kids that I watch during the day.  I don't think any of them even know I have a blog so I decided to post them today.  If they see this,
I guess they will have to act surprised  :)  They turned out SO cute!  I always loved my kids hand and foot prints in art when they were little.  Tyler's size 13 foot isn't so cute now, but it sure is fun to look back at the ones he made years ago.  I put magnets on the back of these so they can decorate their fridge.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer to do list

Last summer we made a summer list and had alot of fun completing our list.  There were a few that we didn't get to do, but it gave us things to look forward to during the summer.  Saige is excited to get started on it.  I somehow ended up getting a few crinkles in it :( but oh well she doesn't care, so neither do I (although it bugs me everytime I look at it)