Friday, March 23, 2012

Honor Roll

Lately every post I have done is about Saige, but the boys hate for me to take their pictures and they don't talk much either. This is Saige at the Honor Roll assembly. She is on the top row on the right (above all the people walking around). I of course being the great mother I am left the house without my camera, so all I had was my phone. We are very proud of her for all her hard work at school :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bits of wood frame

There is a company down the street from me that makes things with wood. I think it's cabinets, but anyway, they put their scraps out for the public to take. I stop there once in a while and get some blocks of wood. They aren't big but they are perfect for different crafts and for free it's even better. Some of them are cut the same size and there are different kinds of wood. The oak pieces are my favorite. The other day Saige got out the paints and painted some of the blocks of wood and then we glued them together and made a picture frame. We haven't hung it up yet, but it is SOO cute, and she did it all by herself! I wanted her to do it pink and purple to match her room, but this is all Saige. I love it!
These are seriously the biggest strawberries I have ever seen. The one is about half the size of my hand. It's my blog, I can write about stupid things if I want to right? :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Saige has been having stomach aches for a few months. Today we went in for a Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Who makes up these words? It is a scope of her esophogus, stomach and intestines. Saige was so brave today. She got an IV without making a sound, and woke up from the anesthesia with no problems. The doctor said that everything looked good, but they did some biopsies and we should have the results in a few days. Saige even got some pictures of her insides to bring home to show everyone and an In-N-Out shake on the way home.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sneaky Saige!

Every year for St. Patrick's Day, this little guy sneaks into our house and turns the gallon of milk green. This year on Friday before St. Patrick's Day Saige and I were talking about the Leprechans and if they were real. I said "Of course they are. Who else would turn the milk green?" Friday night I went looking for the green food coloring and could find every color besides green. I figured that the Leprechan's would get some at the store and turn it green late this year. Saturday morning Saige comes into my room and says "I wonder if the Leprechans turned the milk green." I told her to wait and I would go downstairs with her (and then have to explain why it wasn't). She said "I know the milk isn't green" and I asked her how she would know that. She said to wait a minute and then came running back into my room and says because of this! She had the green food coloring!! She had gotten it out of the cupboard and hid it in her room! The little Leprechan's did turn our toilet water green later though ( Put it in the tank and so when you flushed it turned green) She wasn't convinced, but it was fun anyway! It is SOO sad having your kids grow up!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Start your engines!

Saige got the opportunity to go to the NASCAR races with Jason this past weekend. She had SOO much fun! Kyle Busch is her driver. He drives the #18 car with M&M's (I think the M&M's has something to do with it) She got to go down and see the cars and the pit crew. She is already looking forward to next one.
She even got a picture of her mommy's race car. Carl Edwards is my man! When he wins a race, he stands on the edge of his door and does a backflip. He has even gone into the stands and celebrated with the crowd. One time he ended up crashing next to the finish line and got out of his car and ran across the finish line. I just love his attitude :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I don't think anyone realizes how much they can impact someone else. I have been having a "feel bad for me" week. My life just isn't what I expected at this moment. While browsing blogs this morning I (once again) realized that my life could be MUCH worse. There are times when I get so upset because the kids won't help out and I feel like I am cleaning constantly, only to be followed behind by children making more messes. When I say anything about the house being a mess, the kids call me a clean freak...not hardly, I just like it not disgusting. The laundry is never done, because when I turn around there is always more to wash. Daniel and Saige have me frustrated because no matter what we try they continue bickering and fighting, and with Jason going to school in the mornings and working nights I am left all by myself to deal with it all. What would I do without my family though? They are what make up the happiest times in my life. I am really going to work on being positive and tolerating the messes and the fighting, because one day the kids will all be gone and I know that I will be sad. Tyler has already moved out and I miss him and think of him everyday. When I compare my "not so wonderful" life to others, I guess I will keep my own problems and just get a different attitude.
For Daniel's 12th birthday on the 22nd Saige and I made chocolate ice-cream bowls. They were so fun to make and turned out pretty good. It was alot easier to dish out ice-cream at the party.