Friday, March 27, 2009

This makes couponing SO worth it!

This is my trip to Safeway tonight. I ended up paying $20.77 out of pocket. I got a $2.00 coupon to use on my next order. When we got out to put the groceries in the car I realized I had forgotten to use my $10.00 off a $50.00 order coupon. So I headed back in to the nice customer service lady who seems to be working every order I have a problem with and explained I forgot to use my coupon. She gave me back my $10.00 cash. I ended up paying $10.77 and got a $2.00 coupon. Not bad!! The cough drops were on sale for .75 cents and I had a $1.00 coupon, so I MADE .25 cents on each bag. I got 10 bags of cough drops (hopefully you don't get sick, but if you do I have you covered), mayo, ketchup, 2 boxes of Pasta Roni, 2 Suave Body washes, 10 Softsoap's, 4 puddings, 10 cake mixes, 8 pasta's, and 2 spaghetti sauces. I had coupons for everything except for the pudding, mayo, and ketchup which I had to throw in to get the $5.00 off 10 item deal. Saved $131.54!
This is my shopping trip to Fry's. This picture does not include the 6 gallons of milk that I bought also. I did this in 4 transactions and spent $6.21, $8.35, $6.68, and .06 cents. So $21.30 in total and $8.82 of that total was milk, so everything you see here I got for $12.48. Got 6 boxes of Life cereal, 2 boxes Oatmeal Squares cereal, 4 pizza dough's, 6 grands biscuits, 2 spaghetti sauce's, 1 pasta, 8 granola bars, and 2 four packs of biscuits. They were out of the True Delight granola bars, so I will go and get my free granola bars tomorrow. All together at Fry's I saved $99.71.

Not bad for a nights work. :-)

This coupon was just to good not to post! Fry's has some of their Quaker products for 4 for $8.00 this week. When you buy 4 you get $4.00 off, making them each $1.00! You can only buy 4 things per transaction, so if you are buying more than 4, be sure and do different transactions. I found this coupon for $1.00 off True Delights granola bars - MAKING THEM FREE!! You have to scroll down towards the bottom of the page to print them. I was able to print as many as I wanted using the back button. It does take a little while for them to print, so you have to be patient. :) I have had the dark chocolate raspberry almond bars and even though I don't love dark chocolate these are good.
Also there is a coupon link to a $1.00 off of 1 box of Maple and Brown sugar Life cereal, making them FREE ALSO! I could only print that coupon twice. GREAT DEAL!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Here is a link to get a free diet dr. pepper! I entered each of the e-mail addresses Jason, the boys, and myself have and ended up with 8 coupons in the mail. Yeah!! Free stuff! I have 3 e-mails that I use only for offers like this. But if I need to use my regular one, then I just unsubscribe on the first e-mail they send out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My shopping trip at Safeway went very well today. Are you tired of hearing about my good deals yet? Well I had to share this trip because of the compliment I got. When the cashier handed me my receipt she said "You have got to be the best shopper! You saved 75%!" Then as I was leaving she asked the gentleman in line behind me how he was doing today. He said "Well, I'm not doing as good as she is!" Gotta love it! :)
Safeway has a promotion right now if you buy 10 of certain items you get $5.00 off. And of course I had coupons for every single item I bought! They also have a promotion going when you buy $25.00 in select frozen items you get a $10.00 coupon for use on frozen goods next trip. The great thing is that I had one from last trip to use on this trip. The big frozen lasagna's are $11.99 and they are included in the deal. YEAH! A no cook night for me! I plan to go one more time before the end of the month and get 2 more lasagna's for the freezer and a small filler item and use my new $10.00 coupon and then get another one. You could do that as many times as you want I guess.
Anyway, now that I have probably confused total cost today was $41.00, but then I got my $10.00 frozen coupon and a $2.00 off coupon on my next order!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Marni asked me how I had my coupon binder organized and I started to take pictures, but decided that a video would be better. I HATE my voice on it, so feel free to turn down the sound. Also, I have had this done for several days, but it was so noisy when I was doing it I was going to do it again. But when I thought about it, if I wait for my house to be quiet, I would never post this. By the's spring break, so wish me luck!
I started out with a smaller binder and grew to this one. I think I may have to go bigger soon again! :)

Love to coupon!

I love to coupon shop and never go to the store without some coupons with me. It is like a game to me and I actually get excited when I shop. Jason used to laugh at me until he went on a few trips and once he saw how much money I saved, he got excited too. :) I went to CVS the other day and spent $7.00 and got back $10.00 in Extra Bucks. I love when that happens! Came out $3.00 ahead. I can't even tell you how many things I have gotten for free since I have been couponing. The most fun part about couponing is finding space for all my great deals. Did you know that you can preview CVS and Walgreens ad's for the upcoming weeks? I always preview and plan a few weeks in advance. That way if I really want something and need coupons, I can order coupons from Coupon Clippers or Ebay. You can preview Fry's ad a day early also. If you want the links let me know and I will send them over.

Would you believe that I didn't pay more than about 50 cents per box of cereal? I actually got 20 Kelloggs ones FREE at CVS a few weeks back. They had buy one get one free, so I bought buy one get one coupons and that made the one I would have had to pay for free also.

Our house better be smelling great! Have about 8 Sense and Spray's, 5 ( and raincheck for 3 more) Lasting impressings and enough spray to last for years! :)

Love the $1.00 off of Johnson's and Johnson's coupons. Free Buddies soap!

We are set on Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and toothpaste for quite a while. You can't see the 10 deodorants and the 23 tubes of toothpaste in the picture. I have $1.50 off Colgate coupons and when the stores have it on sale for 99 cents, it gives me an extra 51 cents towards the other things in my order. I never pass up free money.

We have almost 7 full cases of Ravioli's. They were on sale at Fry's for a great price a few weeks ago and I had coupons (of course) so I paid I think it was .25 cents per can.
Saige picked an orange from grandma's tree and enjoyed it to the last little bit. She wanted to make juice but I don't have a juicer so we stuck a straw in it. She thought that was fun for a while, but then just tore into it.

ADDISON - I posted this with you in mind!! It's a TWILIGHT giveaway! Click the link and you can enter. WHOOO-HOOO! Edward :) We need to have a movie night when it comes out.